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darbond "silicone sealant group standard" to attend the conference with led package
time : 01-05-2017 10:21:00  

in december 20, 2016, the first group standard of adhesive industry- " led silicone encapsulant” in china was held in zhenjiang jiangsu province. the meeting was hosted by china adhesive and adhesive tape industry association and was hosted by the secretary general yangxu. dr. chen wei led the team to attend the meeting, who was yantai darbond advanced silicon materials co. ltd general manager , “thousand talents program”. the experts actively offered suggestions, unified opinions and passed the standard.

"led silicone encapsulant" is the first group standard of the adhesive industry in china. the standard would have a positive effect on the construction of the national led industry chain, the integration of resources, the reciprocity of technologies and markets, the protection of technological innovation and even the stimulation of creativity.

in the field of led packaging,906x series of silicone sealant products of yantai darbond advanced silicon materials,that represent the advanced level of the industry ,with high refractive index, excellent resistance to sulfide; the company pays more attention to the overall development of the led industry while in the development of their own products,the formation of standards in application, promote industry norms and leading the development of the industry.


chen wei is the general manager of yantai darbond advanced silicon materials co. ltd , graduated from university of minnesota majoring in chemistry, “thousand talents program” expert, the national science and technology innovation talents, "china overseas chinese contribution award" creative talents , shandong province


yantai darbond silicone material co., ltd.which was founded in 2011, is a research, development, production and sales of high-end silicone new materials in one of the national high-tech enterprises.

the company mainly engaged in high-end silicone new materials, especially led package with optical materials, advanced ic packaging and assembly materials and igbt materials used in electronic devices. the development and production of new materials provide customers with the whole process of technical support from material design, manufacture, service and support.


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