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wei shen,director of the fraternity “the thousand talents plan”,came to darbond to investigate
time : 07-20-2016 09:35:00  

on april 14, wei shen,director of the fraternity “the thousand talents plan”、secretary general of the southern enterprise service center、secretary general of the haichuangzhigu center for science and technology services, accompanied by the leadership of organization department and pioneer park,came to darbond to investigate, hai hua xie、tianan chen ,the president and the general manager of darbond receive them.

director wei shen and other people have visited the darbond honor wall and the patent exhibition wall, they are concerned about the experts situation of the “the thousand talents plan” and the development of the enterprise. expert dr chen tianan told the entrepreneurial experience and overcame the difficulties and pressures, then, he introduced the developing situation of the enterprise and the classic case to attract the talents. the president of haihua xie communicated the successful experience of “nidificating for attracting phoenix” and expressed the willingness to introduce more talents.

director wei shen quite agreed with talent's introduction of enterprises. how to adapt to the needs of development and return o better integrate into the domestic environment for returnees is the most pressing issue. director shen hoped that doc.chen could share his entrepreneurial experience with returnees, which can help them to give full play to their intelligence for our country's rapid growth. darbond company has vibrant strength in talents. we continue to implement talent development strategy to strengthen our core competitiveness in our subsequent growth.


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